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December 4, 2009
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A view of the sunrise sends a rainbow of fiery colors over the water and bathes high cliffs rising up to the right. Tossed gently among the waves is KUMATORA. She is drifting, unconscious, toward the rocks, but the dorsal fin of an orca breaks the surface, halting her progress. It rises beneath her and she lies slumped over the back of the animal. In the sunlight, the otherwise black orca appears an iridescent purple.

When it speaks, its voice is soft and somewhat feminine, but deep.

Wake up, sweetie. Come now, you're not
really dead. Just a little tired.

KUMATORA stirs to show she is alive, but keeps her eyes closed.

How did I get here?

That was my doing, of course.
Our dear Aeolia is in a spot of
trouble, I'm afraid.

(sitting up, surprised)
What, how? What can we do?

Nothing, I'm afraid. It's her time.
We simply have to let it happen.

The WATER ORCA's speech fades into the next scene.



Two groups of PIGMASK MAJORS, dressed in green uniform, march single file across the drawbridge to the open doorway of OSOHE CASTLE. They turn sharply and salute with one arm up, squealing as the PIGMASK COLONEL and MASKED MAN walk between them into the castle. Even after both have disappeared, the squeals continue to grow louder.



Focus on LUCAS as he opens his eyes, shocked for a moment, and then his expression fades and he sits up. BONEY leaps up beside the bed, barking. In one corner, the carrier pigeon is in its cage, asleep. The Happy Box buzzes nearby, flashing an advertisement for CLUB TITIBOO's nightly shows.

ALEC and WESS approach the bed. The swelling in WESS's face is still noticeable.

There he is! The same as ever, just
like I knew he would be.

ALEC embraces LUCAS.

Grandpa? I'm back home. How'd I get here?

You more or less dropped right into our laps.

WESS pulls up a rusted metal chair to sit in.

Your grandfather told me about this dream he
had just the other night. He was talking to
your mother, and she told him you were coming
home, but not exactly in the way we expected.

It was Old Man Wess who convinced me to pay
a little more attention to it.

(to WESS, surprised)
Mr. Wess? Really?

I thought if you could be brave enough to
go looking for the truth, then I could try
having a bit more faith in this world.
By the way, about Duster-

A brief span of silence cuts into the conversation. LUCAS avoids eye contact

It's a long story. A lot of things happened.
I don't even know if they're all right.


Duster and Princess Kumatora.

The princess! She was there with you?
But we haven't seen her in years!
After we'd given up the search, she
took off without ever saying a word.

I found her at the club, with Duster.
She knew it was him all along, but said
that she needed to wait for me. I never
got to hear why.

Another pause, after which LUCAS slides out of bed and toward the door.

I have to go, sorry.

Wait, Lucas! Have something to eat first.

Your father will want to see you.

Tell him I was here.

He exits with BONEY. ALEC and WESS sit together in uncomfortable silence.



LUCAS emerges from the RETIREMENT CENTER, sun shining in his direction over the cliffs and treetops. From the hill upon which the RETIREMENT CENTER sits, the river and bridge leading into TAZMILY are visible. A large crowd has gathered on this bridge and LUCAS watches it before speaking.

I know we just got back, but I have to
leave again. The princess and Duster
might need my help, if they're not-
Go home, boy. Wait for Dad.

But I have to stay with you.

No, it's okay. I'm gonna be braver now.

I will not leave.

LUCAS sighs and starts down the hill.



From the right, LUCAS enters and weaves his way through the crowd. He is ignored. All attention is focused on IONIA, who is lying in the middle of the bridge bound and gagged. She is pale, but does not appear to be in distress.

It's you!
(to the crowd)
Back up, give us some room!

He kneels in front of IONIA and undoes the gag while much of the crowd disperses. There is idle chatter among those that remain.

Miss, are you all right? It's Ionia, right?

Yes, I'm fine, and very pleased to see you
again, you handsome boy. I'd come here to
wait for you, actually, when I was assaulted
and left helpless. I can't do a thing without
my makeup on, you see. If you could just do
me a favor and reach into my pocket there-

LUCAS slips one hand between the ropes into a small pocket on IONIA's dress and pulls out a compact and mirror.

That's it.
I can't move my arms, dear. You'll have to
do it. Just a little dab will suffice.

With some difficulty, LUCAS opens the compact and applies colored powder to IONIA. The lingering members of the crowd exit.

Very nice. You're so gentle, but I knew
that already.

Did the Pigs attack you?

They did indeed, the ruffians. Not sure
what brought that on. I ought to have
given them a bit of my mind, though
that wouldn't be very ladylike. Now then,
if you could just stand me up straight
and back away. We've some things to
discuss, but this isn't the place.

LUCAS helps her stand and moves off the bridge into the grass where BONEY is waiting.

Once he is clear, IONIA begins to glow. The ropes stretch and snap as her body shifts into the form of a great, golden-white phoenix, and when the sunlight catches on her feathers the sight of her is almost blinding. She lifts off and dives in toward a cowering LUCAS, scooping him and BONEY up safely with her talons. They fly north.


Buildings and trees are quickly replaced with barren rock as the LIGHT PHOENIX carries her passengers from TAZMILY into the mountains.

Focus shifts to LUCAS, an expression of excitement and fear on his face. The camera follows his gaze as he scans the shifting mountain landscape and, among the cliffs, catches sight of the FIRE LION bounding after them. It leaps into a ravine, disappearing from view with a thunderous roar.

The LIGHT PHOENIX sweeps in low after passing another peak and alights on the grass outside AEOLIA's seashell house. She is careful when releasing LUCAS and BONEY and, the very moment she touches ground, her winged figure shifts back to that of IONIA.

That was lovely! Sorry for startling you.
I do hope you enjoyed yourself.

She takes his hand and leads him toward the house.

You fly really well!

Why thank you, dear. I hope you'll remember
to tell Missy that when you see her.



They enter the shell, wherein the FIRE LION lounges in a rich, high-backed chair at the opposite end. With a shake of its mane it is engulfed in fire that blazes momentarily and fades, leaving AEOLIA in its place.

There you are. I was starting to feel anxious.

(approaching mirror)
You knew I would bring him. Oh, look there!
Who's that gorgeous figure I see?

You can't mean yourself. It looks as though
you've put your makeup on in your sleep.

What's going on?

(to IONIA)
Dear, you're so rude! Why haven't you
introduced me yet?

Oh, yes yes!
Lucas, this is Aeolia.

The lion. I remember.

A pause. LUCAS and BONEY remain by the door.

Well aren't you going to sit down?

I should go. I have to find some people-

Oh I can assure you they're all right.
The Princess has been our responsibility
ever since we discovered that she could
wield Psi.

You know Princess Kumatora?

Know her? We've practically raised the child.
She knows as much as we do in these matters.
Well, almost. And she's been asked to bring you
to us, although, given the circumstances,
things have turned out differently.

(to LUCAS)
But you're here now, so it's obvious this
was meant to be. I do hope our initial
feelings were correct.

About what?

AEOLIA gestures for him to come near and he obeys, sitting beside her on the chair. She wraps an arm around him.

Try not to feel afraid. I could hear your
heartbeat from across the room.
Every moment in your life has been leading
up to this one. We've felt a powerful
force coming from you since your birth,
as well with your brother, but his destiny
has been fulfilled already. Forgive me if
I seem cruel, but the passing of those
closest to you has ensured your place in
this world.

I would've let it happen to me instead of
them, if they could live now.

But they weren't ever meant to, dear.
Try and understand.

(to LUCAS)
What she's trying to say, while being a
bit elaborate about it, is that we
Magypsies feel you are the one we've
been waiting for.



A golden, sword-like object within a ring of stones comes into view at the center of the COURTYARD. Years of neglect have allowed the grass to grow as tall as the monument itself.

First you must know that these islands
are protected by a great power sleeping
beneath it, in the form of a Dragon.
It has been sealed away by seven Needles,
each of which a Magypsy protects with
her life. When the power of the dragon is
needed, the one to pull the Needles will



We believe you are that someone, Lucas.


(to LUCAS)
As I've said, had it not been for the
reckless bravery of your family, you
wouldn't be here. This is why we chose
not to intervene. Fate had to be left
to run its course, and you've been
prepared for your role, bit-by-bit.
A sort of sacrificial lamb, if you will.

But I don't know anything about this!
And what happened to Mom and Claus,
well, that was just an accident.

Everything happens for a reason, dear one.

AEOLIA runs her hands through LUCAS's hair.

Try not to be afraid. Whatever is meant to
be, will be. And we may be wrong about you,
but I doubt such an incredible error could
find its way into our perfection.
(to IONIA)
Am I right?

Oh quite right, darling. The force I felt
from this boy was simply breathtaking!
You've got a power even we Magypsies don't
possess, all wrapped up in a cute little package.

Sorry, but I still don't understand. You say
you're guarding a dragon?

When all seven Needles are pulled, the Dragon
will awaken and inherit the qualities of
whoever brought it forth. This is why we are
hopeful you will be the one to pull them.
Your heart is full of good intent, and a
Dragon of good heart will wash away the evil
that has infected our world.

They sit in silence for a moment. AEOLIA lifts a finger, willing a teacup to float toward her. She takes and drinks from it.

Just a cup of tea and we'll be off.

Perhaps we shouldn't wait. I've been feeling
exceptionally anxious.

IONIA walks to a window and stares outward.

About your time, dear? Don't tell me you're
going to fret about it now.

Not at all, but I can't shake this feeling-

The conversation dies out and all focus turns on IONIA as she stands alone.

From behind, the sound of a teacup shattering against the floor breaks the silence, followed by an awesome burst of light. IONIA looks back again to AEOLIA, who has become transparent.

The walls rattle. A small earthquake rocks the house, knocking strings of decorative lights and painted vases off their holds. Frightened, LUCAS jumps out of the chair. IONIA catches him in her arms.

What's happening! Miss Aeolia-!

Oh this is all so sudden.
(smiling, voice fading)
Seems things have taken an unexpected turn.
I won't be around any longer to know if you
were the one or not, my sweet-
(placing hand on LUCAS)
But I have faith. Remember me fondly, as
that special sort of beauty you see only
once in your life.

Her body fades into a soft flash of light as the quaking subsides. In her place is left a pink razor and tube of lipstick. LUCAS takes them, after some prodding from IONIA. They glow, melt away, and are absorbed into his skin.

IONIA steps forward to wrap her arms around him again. BONEY licks his hand.

What happened to her?

Someone has pulled her Needle.

But who?



Dark violet smoke billows up from the Earth in the place where the Needle once stood. The surrounding grass has been tamped down. Pollen fills the air and is stirred up wildly as the LIGHT PHOENIX drops in from above.

She frees LUCAS and BONEY from her talons and her glittering form changes shape the instant she hits the ground. IONIA steps out of the fading light.

So it is. My dear Aeolia, how I'll miss you.
But we've promised not to waste our time
living in sorrow.

LUCAS approaches the hole and looks in. There is only smoke and darkness.

It's impossible to know who has pulled it,
but I should be able to sense the intentions
of said person-
And I can't feel a thing. There is neither good
or evil here. How mysterious.

A sharp ringing, as from a telephone, fills the courtyard, startling LUCAS. BONEY barks, alert, and charges in the direction of the sound.

What is it, boy? What've you got?

BONEY returns with a transceiver in his mouth. LUCAS puzzles over it as it continues ringing.

It's so loud. Can you make it quiet?

The noise stops when LUCAS runs his hand over the buttons, and is replaced with a harsh voice coming through the speaker. LUCAS stares at the transceiver before lifting it to his ear.

(fading out)
-emergency! All officers report-!
-help, please respond!

LUCAS shuts off the transceiver and drops it in the grass.

I've become worried about my own Needle,
now that one able to pull them has come
forward. Our only hope is that you possess
the power as well, Lucas, and that you are
able to pull the rest before anyone else.

She approaches and cups his face in her hands.

You're such an adorable little thing.
Are you ready for this?

I don't know. It's all happening so fast.

I'll carry you as far as the Eastern Wood,
on the far side of Murasaki Forest, but no
further. I must return to my Needle and
ensure that it is protected. You should be
able to find Doria on your own. She is one of us.

But what about my friends? I meant to go
look for them.

They'll be coming back to you soon enough.
Come now.

She leads him to the eastern edge of the COURTYARD.


Focus shifts onto the open hole. Off-screen, a flash of light brightens the area, even underneath the noonday sun. It is followed by a heavy flutter of wings. A feather, large as man, drifts into the shot and settles within the circles of stones where smoke pours forth endlessly.

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I wrote this in a day, just a few hours. I bet you guys are freaking out. It's the end of the world!! I've actually done a lot in a very short amount of time!! Although I am motivated, it's probably going to take me longer to do the other chapters because they are more involved. This one was mostly dialogue. But hey we know who Fire Lion is now! Who could be the Water Orca? Hmmm :3

Oh yeah, reviews please! Favs are appreciated but reviews and ideas are so much more helpful. Thank you, oinkmoo!

This script is an adaptation of the Mother/Earthbound video game series created by Shigesato Itoi.

PLEASE NOTE: An adaptation means just that. It is adapted from an original plot and not meant to be an exact copy. Movie scripts are never the same as the novels they emulate. One must take into consideration the pros and cons of both mediums and adapt the story to fit. I have added, deleted, and changed dialogue and character action in order to provide a richer story for [possible] moviegoers.
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tailsprowerdzx Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012
Hmm... An interesting idea for the Magypsies being represented by mystical creatures, like a Pheonix. Where and when did that idea come from, I wonder? Oh well, another piece of brilliance. If I am to offer criticism, I think adding in a scene where, in a shadowy lab, Dr. Andonuts is seen being forced to make the commander. It would add an interesting bit of backstpry to it, but that aside, this is amazing. Never stop doing this, cause even if some people say it sucks, a lot more say its awesome.
GalenaLarkin Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012  Professional Writer
I thought A LOT about doing a cutaway scene with the Commander being made. But I'm not so sure. That could always be Director's Cut footage I guess XD I'll see if I can work that in somewhere. I didn't want to give too much away though
tailsprowerdzx Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012
I see. I think your ideas with the flashes of Lucas seeing from his perspective is great, but I bring this up because in the game there is a lost sprite, hidden in coding, that shows the masked man on some sort of table being operated on. I think a scene with him in a lab could work, go something like this: Dr. Andonuts:"You want me to do what?! Its a crime! I won't stand for it!" Pigmask:"You'll do it, and then we have other projects for you to work on. You know what happens if you disobey...." He cradles a gun. Dr. Andonuts:"Fine. I'll do it. But may God forgive me....." Fade to black. Just some ideas I think could work well with your screenplay.
monkeyemoness Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2011
You know, I really like the idea of the animal forms for the magypsies. It reminds me of the five sacred beasts of chinese mythology (the ones that represent the five movements/elements).
When I first played Mother 3, I was a little elated when I picked up on what I believe are references to Taoism and other Chinese concepts, like the chimeras. It may be confirmation bias on my part, but somehow I feel like Itoi incorporated the chimeras for that very reason. It already had the twin dragons, who if I remember correctly, mirror the twin phoenixes Feng and Huang who embodied the concepts of Yin and Yang in Chinese culture (Post Ming era, they were replaced by a single Phoenix: Yin, and a dragon: Yang). He also seems to have incorporated the concept of Wuji into it with the Masked Man, whose heart would turn the world into an empty void. I admit that it's that little belief that led me to start a fan comic on the whole thing, which isn't really going anywhere (nearly 2 years and I barely have 30 pages Xd) even if I may be way off.

BUUUUT,yah, I'mma keep reading now....
GalenaLarkin Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2011  Professional Writer
The Masked Man!!!!!!! :glomp:

*Hiss* MINE!!!!!! :crazy:
HyrulePirate Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2009
Nice opening scene! I know the whole deal with the Orca, but don't worry: I won't tell! :giggle:

That's a good boy, Boney. Stay with Lucas. He's going to need you.

..."you handsome boy"? ...Ooookay, I'll admit it, I'm a little weirded out. :O_o:

Yay, she transformed! Way cool! :heart:

I don't blame Lucas one bit for being freaked out of his skin. Heaven knows this would've been me --> :faint:

Poor Lucas...they just went and dropped the bomb on him, didn't they? But I guess that's the best way to go about doing it. Otherwise, it'd get far too complicated and the point would get lost along the way.

I like how Ionia can't feel the intentions of the person who pulled the needle. Adds a bit of that anxiousness to the story, and it makes good sense, since he doesn't have a heart.

Nice ending there. A beautiful piece of imagery, if I may say so! :heart:

Well, you were right, this one is a bit short compared to the others, but no less wonderful for it! I can't wait until you come out with whatever's next!
GalenaLarkin Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2009  Professional Writer
Thanks hun! :D I'll talk with you more on AIM! Your comments are always so detailed. They help me a lot, because they show me what readers have noticed and maybe what I could work on or remember to do next time.
kaialone Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I knew it!*does the victory dance* i knew magypsies can turn into animals in this story.Again grreat text.I am no expert but i like it very much.
GalenaLarkin Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2009  Professional Writer
Thank you for the watch and nice comment :D And yes! You got it right. Some people were able to guess it. Some I told ahead of time because they begged XD But yep! I thought out an element and animal for each Magypsy. Aeolia is fire of course, and Ionia is light. We'll have to see what everyone else is!
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